Lomsel Truck Loader

Lomsel Truck Loader helps in simulating a truck loading. The application was created to help logistics departments in companies which produce for the furniture industry. These products are not usually packed on the standard Euro pallets which makes it difficult to plan the distribution of goods in the car. Lomsel Truck Loader is a manual load simulator with the ability to write, edit, print, and export created loading simulations to a pdf file.

Main features:

  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy to define new objects (pallets of goods)
  • The ability to add your own size loading area
  • Print a report for the people involved in loading the car
  • Export to pdf file
  • Loading templates
  • The user can optimally arrange the goods on the car, filling up the car cubature
  • The program has been tested by one of the suppliers to the largest furniture manufacturing company in Sweden

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About Lomsel Truck Loader

Pictures of the program: