Lomsel Total

Lomsel Total is a small tool that sums up numbers on the fly. The program was written for users of the SAP system that often use MD04 transaction for displaying inventory / requisitions. Users often want to summarize the information contained in the window of this function, e.g. the number of planned deliveries of semi-finished products. Now just select one numeric column and the program will summarize it on the fly and give the result on the screen. You do not have to worry about formatting numbers like negative number.

Lomsel Total

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Lomsel Truck Loader

Lomsel Truck Loader helps in simulating a truck loading. The application was created to help logistics departments in companies which produce for the furniture industry. These products are not usually packed on the standard Euro pallets which makes it difficult to plan the distribution of goods in the car. Lomsel Truck Loader is a manual load simulator with the ability to write, edit, print, and export created loading simulations to a pdf file.

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Lomsel Backup

Lomsel Backup helps you to protect all important data on your computer. Easy usage of this program means that even beginners can backup. Lomsel Backup works with Windows scheduler with a built-in scheduler module. This allows you to automate backup processes. Just use the backup wizard to create your backup job and Lomsel Backup will take care of the rest.

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